7 Dreams About Teeth And What They Mean

Have you ever dreamt about your teeth falling out? I know I have. Multiple times. And it can be quite shocking. I’ve literally woken up and instantly started running my tongue around my mouth just to check they’re all in there still. Dreams about teeth are some of the most common dreams we experience. According to this survey, approximately 39% of the population have had a dream connected with teeth in some way.

But what do dreams about teeth actually mean? Whilst nothing is 100% scientifically proven, neurologists like Sigmund Freud, strongly believe that dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to communicate itself. And that what we dream depicts our true innermost feelings, anxieties and concerns about things going on in our life that we are unable to make sense of during our waking hours.

There are lots of different types of dreams about teeth and we’re going to look at a few of the most common ones in this article to help uncover what these dreams might mean.

Teeth Falling Out

To dream that your teeth have fallen out is the most common teeth-based dream you can have. Like I said, I’ve had this dream countless times and it never gets any less shocking.

There are a few different interpretations, but the central theme is that of anxiety and stress. We usually dream about teeth falling out when we are experiencing huge life changes such as a job change, loss of a loved one, or a house move etc. Anything that makes us feel low or stressed could result in us dreaming about our teeth falling out. Many of the things we worry about are completely out of our control and this powerlessness translates into this type of dream, in that without teeth we are without power – we cannot bite, we cannot chew, we would struggle to eat and talk.

Dreams of teeth falling out can also be associated with money worries. This particular interpretation stems from the tradition of the tooth fairy and the belief that we give our teeth in exchange for money. Again, there is that sense of a lack of power into being able to control our finances.

Teeth Crumbling

Another recurring dream of mine is that rather than my teeth falling out, they instead start crumbling. And it’s a very vivid, real sensation – it still makes me shudder thinking about it now. Apparently, dreaming that your teeth are crumbling means that you are frightened of something in your life. Quite literally, just as your teeth are crumbling in your dream, your life at that point may feel as though it is crumbling apart too.

Teeth are also associated with communication, and so crumbling teeth could signify that you have been unable to communicate something properly to someone; that you haven’t been able to get your point across or that your argument is weak.


If you dream that you are biting someone or something it may mean that there is something troubling you – it is quite literally biting away at you. It could be an issue that has been gnawing away at you for a while now, or something that you’re finding difficult, or a problem you can’t solve.

Whilst the act of biting may at first seem violent, it is usually a positive sign and definitely something you should pay attention to. It may mean that you are having trouble expressing your true emotions and by dreaming this particular dram it is a signal to start paying attention to what you are feeling.

Pulling Out Teeth

Pulling a tooth out, whether that’s you pulling it out yourself or the dentist doing it for you, symbolises an internal struggle, one that you are struggling to keep hidden. Perhaps there’s something you can’t face up to, that you’re ashamed or embarrassed of. This dream is your reality check, so it’s time to get honest with yourself and face up to whatever’s bothering you.

Rotten Teeth

If you’ve been dreaming about rotten teeth this could mean one of two different things. On the one hand it could signify a lack of confidence about your appearance or perhaps a flaw in your personality. But it can also represent guilt, that you may have said or done something nasty that has resulted in your subconscious feeling guilty for this behaviour.

Broken Tooth

Dreams about a broken tooth suggests that there are areas in your life that may feel broken at the moment. Perhaps there are improvements to be made either with yourself or matters concerning you. It can also depict how self-confident you are; the broken tooth representing how broken you may feel and that steps need to be taken to build up your confidence levels to make you unbroken.

Dreaming that one of your teeth is chipped could also imply an insecurity, whether that be in your appearance, how your viewed by others, or feelings of loneliness or separation.

Healthy Teeth

All of the dreams mentioned above are somewhat negative in nature: teeth falling out, rotting or breaking, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. But what about if you dream about your teeth being super healthy? Not the most common of dreams I grant you, but if you do happen to dream about healthy teeth it likely means that your ego may have taken a boost recently. Perhaps you’ve done something that has made you proud, you’ve pulled off a big project at work, or someone’s given you a big compliment. Either way it’s a sign that you’re at risk of becoming slightly too big for your boots and that you should ground yourself a little.


Dreams about teeth are very common and nothing to worry about, despite it feeling quite distressing when you have one. It helps to understand why you might be having these dreams, as then you can think about what may be troubling you and the ways in which you can help yourself. If you have a recurring dream about teeth, make sure to write them down in a dream diary. This will help you make sense of things and allow you to rationalise what is going on. Ask yourself what could be troubling you, and if need be, ask for help with anything that is worrying you.

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