10 Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover With Your BFFs

A sleepover with your BFFs is a rite of passage when you’re a teenager. It’s a chance for you to spend more time with your besties and above anything else have lots of fun! It can become increasingly difficult to find things for teenagers to do together that doesn’t cost lots of money and also doesn’t involve hanging around in parks late at night. Sleepovers however give you the freedom you desire, time with your mates, and also stops your parents worrying about where you are and what you’re up to.

The most successful sleepovers with your BFFS are the ones that have some thought put into them. Consider who you’re inviting (do you all get on with each other, are they trustworthy, will they be OK sleeping away from home?), think about the things you’re going to do during your sleepover, and make sure you let your friends know what they need to bring with them.

To help you with your sleepover plans and to make sure it’s a huge success, we’ve put together 10 fun things you can do at a sleepover with your BFFs:

1. Pamper Session

A sleepover isn’t a sleepover without some sort of pampering being involved and it really needn’t be expensive. Create a home spa by setting up different beauty workstations. For example:

  • Nails – This is best done at a table or desk, so that you have a flat surface and limit the risk of spilling polish on your bedroom carpet. Make sure you’ve got nail polish, nail files, cotton wool pads, cuticle sticks, and nail polish remover.
  • Foot Soak – Fill a washing up bowl with warm water and put in a few drops of aromatherapy oil to make it smell lovely.
  • Face Masks – Individual face masks are great because you can get a variety and then everyone can choose which scent and type they would like. Peel off face masks are lots of fun, as are the bubble sheet masks, and you can also get ones that look like animal faces which look hilarious when they’re on. Or you could have a go at making your own natural face masks from ingredients such as natural yogurt, honey, oats, or avocado. And don’t forget the cucumber slices for your eyes!
  • Hair – TikTok and Instagram have heaps of hair content – from things like heatless rollers through to intricate plaits – you can have a lot of fun with hair.
  • Make Up – Likewise, there are so many make up tutorials available online these days, so gather up your make up and try out some new looks on each other.

And to help save money, ask everyone who’s coming along to bring something from their own home stash of beauty products.

2. Recycled Fashion

As a Gen Z teen, we know how important recycling, sustainability, and other eco issues are to you. One fun activity you can do at a sleepover with your BFFs is to upcycle your clothing or to make a completely brand new garment out of recycled objects. Ask your friends to bring along any clothes they no longer like or that don’t fit them any more along with some basic sewing equipment, like a needle, thread, scissors etc. Sketch out some designs, maybe choosing a theme to help give you some direction, then unleash your creativity and see what you come up with.

You could also have fun making accessories like jewellery out of objects such as used coffee pods or milk bottle caps. And once you’ve all made your items, you will of course need a fashion show, which bring us nicely onto our next activity…

3. Photobooth

All teenage girls love a selfie, plus you’ll definitely want to capture all those fun moments from your sleepover with your BFFs, especially when you’ve gone to so much bother with your hair, make up, and new upcycled clothes. Take turns being photographer, while the rest of you strut your stuff on the catwalk (aka your bedroom floor).

You could also have a go at making a photobooth, by creating a large frame out of cardboard, and accessorising with lots of different props. A few ideas could include:

  • Inflatable guitars
  • Hats
  • Large glasses
  • Feather boas
  • Fancy dress clothes (come on now, I’m sure your Mum’s still got your World Book Day costumes somewhere!)
  • Slogan signs (‘I’m with stupid’, ‘She’s hot’, ‘#Girlgang’ etc)

4. Dancing

There are lots of dance tutorials on TikTok or Just Dance and it can be a lot of fun learning these with your friends. Once you’ve learned the moves, create your own dance videos. You don’t have to share them online; you can keep them solely for your own entertainment and delete them afterwards if you like. And once you’ve done a few of the tutorials why not have a go at choreographing something yourselves and create your own music video using the recycled fashion you made earlier.

5. Karaoke

You don’t need a fancy karaoke machine to be able to enjoy a sing song with your mates.¬† If you’ve got a microphone great, although you should probably check with your parents and neighbours first that they’re happy with a bunch of teenage girls belting out the classics at all hours in the morning! But let’s face it, when teenage girls get together, they are loud, so there is really no need for a microphone if you don’t have one. And if you just want a prop, hairbrushes make fantastic stand ins.

Simply do a search on YouTube for a karaoke version of a song (Sing King is a great channel with tonnes of popular and recent songs on there) and it will play the song with the lyrics on the screen, making it really easy to sing along to. Spend some time before the sleepover making a list of the songs you’d like to sing. You could also ask your friends to send you a list of their favourite songs, so that everyone’s music tastes are catered for. Mix it up by singing some as solos but also sing some as groups and maybe even choose a song that you can each sing one line of – this works particularly well with Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Oh, and don’t forget to video it!

6. Watch the sunset

Often the most memorable sleepover experiences are the ones that cost nothing. Watching the sunset with your besties is one of those moments. Depending on the time of year that you have your sleepover with your BFFs, the sun will set at varying times. In the summer the sun can set as late as about 9.20pm at night and during the winter this can be as early as roughly 4pm in the afternoon. So, if you’re planning on watching the sunset during your sleepover, it’s probably best if you do it in the summertime. It will also be warmer outside, so you’ll be more inclined to want to go out and see it. You could also consider camping in the garden if there is space. And if you’re able to do that, you might even be able to watch the sunrise too.

7. Snacks

Snacks are a sleepover must, after all you need something for those midnight munchies. Make sure you’ve had a decent dinner first – pizzas always go down well and they’re super easy to make. You could even have a go at making your own as a fun activity too and that way it means everyone gets to choose the toppings they like best.

Some good snacks to have at a sleepover with your BFFs include:

  • Popcorn
  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzels
  • Cookies
  • Crisps
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate

Basically, you want anything that can easily be stored in the place you are having your sleepover so that you don’t need to keep heading to the kitchen. Either keep snacks in their packets or store them in containers with lids to reduce spillages. There will naturally be some bits of popcorn or crisps etc. that make their way into the beds or onto the floor, but with snacks like these they can easily be cleared up the next morning without making too much of a mess.

8. Watch a film

When you’ve finished all the energetic activities like dancing, karaoke and going out on a sunset walk it’s time to start chilling out. Get in your pjs, grab those snacks and put on a film. It’s probably best if you have a discussion between you before the sleepover about which film you should watch, as no one wants to get into an argument about it on the night. If you can’t decide, why not write a list of all the suggestions and take it in turns to watch a different one at each sleepover you have together. After all, once you’ve had one sleepover with your BFFs you will definitely want more!

Make sure the area where you are watching the film is super comfy by providing lots of cushions and blankets. And if you are watching it in the dark, have a few torches to hand in case of any scary moments in the film or if one of you needs to get up to go to the toilet.

9. Truth or Dare

Once the film is over, you’ve all been to the loo and done your teeth, it’s time to settle down. But, of course, no good sleepover finishes when the lights go out. Now is the time to get giggly, gossip with your girls, and tell each other your deepest darkest secrets. A good game to play at this point in the sleepover is Truth or Dare. Keep the dares relatively simple and try not to make too much noise – you won’t want to disturb your parents otherwise they might not be so keen on you having a sleepover in future.

The game is a lot of fun, and you can find out a lot about your friends. Even if you think you know everything about them already, there is always something new to be revealed. Just remember the sleepover code – what gets told at sleepover, stays at sleepover.

10. Scary Stories

And finally, before you all pass out from exhaustion, grab those torches, snuggle up under your bedding and tell each other spooky stories. It’s probably worth checking that you’re all OK with doing this before you start. Some people may get more scared than others and you don’t want to upset anyone. Have fun making stories up, creeping yourselves out with any small noises you hear. Chances are you’ll be so tired by that point, you’ll all have fallen asleep before the first story has even finished.

Sleepovers with your BFFs are the best. They bring you closer together and create memories that you will all cherish forever. Follow the tips above to make sure your sleepover runs smoothly and guarantees all of your parents will be keen for you to have more in the future.

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